Anchors Away!

9 Feb

I love when Google changes their homepage to commemorate an anniversary or birthday; however, I’m thoroughly impressed when Google makes an interactive homepage that enables me to procrastinate for some time. Today is one of those days. In honor of Jules Verne’s 183rd birthday (not sure why Google picks such obscure birthdays to celebrate), the site’s Google logo became an interactive dive ship, enabling visitors to plunge under the sea. For those of you who don’t know, Verne wrote such classics as “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and “Around the World in 80 Days.”

The navigation on the right-hand of the Google logo enabled page visitors to scroll through an under-sea haven. Using the directional pad on the keyboard, you could move left, right, up, or down through Google’s illustrious doodle.

The last time I was this excited over a Google Doodle was when the main site enabled visitors to play Pac-Man on their homepage on the game’s 30th anniversary. (For those who are thinking, I got you covered. You can still access the game here). There were a lot of shout outs to the author with a hidden balloon, some explorers underwater, an anchor, a chemical formula, and more.

Check out a few of the things I found while exploring 20,000 leagues under the sea after the break. (Click on any images to enlarge.) continue reading

Going Gaga

14 Jul

On my walk back to the train station Friday night, two scantily dressed girls walked past me near 34th and 7th. They were completely dressed in black with weird black stockings, five inch heels, corsets and other mesh attire. I thought I was seeing my first two prostitutes walking the streets of New York. As we stopped at a crosswalk I heard one of the girls whisper to the other, “Let’s do this.” Quizzically, I looked up at the girls and saw what looked like a gun held towards a man right next to one of the girls. My heart started to beat frantically. I’ve never seen anyone be held up before, nor have I ever been near a real gun. What do I do? There had to be a cop about ten feet away. Were these girls crazy? Of course they were going to get caught.

I decided to calm down. This can’t be a real gun, right? I decided to lean my head over to get a better peek. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Continue reading

I Think I’ll Go For A Walk Outside…

14 Jul

Later Friday after I got out of work, I decided to go for a walk. All I know of the city is what’s from 35th-42nd. I figured if I’m spending over $50 a week commuting to and from NY that I may as well become familiar with my surroundings. There is so much more to Manhatten then Broadway and Times Square. It was time to get out of my shell.

What better way to explore the city than to check out a Coach store? For those of you that don’t know, the days when I’m not in the city, I work at Coach back home. So this is not breaking out of my shell at all. Curiosity made me want to know if working at a Coach in the city would prove more interesting than one in Jersey. It doesn’t. Continue reading

Eat Mor Chikin

13 Jul

Chik-Fil-A celebrated their Cow Appreciation Day this past Friday, July 9. If you dressed like a cow and attended one of their locations, they gave you free chicken. Since we didn’t have any lunchmeat in the house last week, I had to fend for myself at lunchtime. Therefore, stopping in would have been really nice, although I wouldn’t have dressed for the occasion since I was working. That wasn’t an issue though since there aren’t any Chik-Fil-A anywhere near Times Square in NYC.

When I stepped out for lunch; however, I was surprised to find that Chik-Fil-A found me. Read More

Robin’s Egg Blue

12 Jul

Last year, a mockingbird decided to build a nest in our front tree. Sounds cute, right? Biggest. Mistake. Ever. After momma bird’s little fluff ball hatched she was constantly on the alert, dive-bombing anyone who came anywhere near the tree. Now, no one in my family had any interest in stealing the little (or not so little) fatty in the cherry blossom tree. However, it’s necessary when walking up the sidewalk to my front door to pass by this tree. I can’t tell how many times momma bird would be staked out on the telephone line staring me, my brother, and mom down after we would get out of one of our cars. As soon as we would near the tree, off she’d go trying to attack us. It was like a scene out of Finding Nemo or some other Disney film where birds are on the attack. We can’t tell you how relieved we were when the fluff ball finally flew out of that nest.

When June came around this year, my mom spotted a mockingbird scouting out our cherry blossom again. My mom was not allowing for another tortuous summer. Read More


11 Jul

I figured being in the city, I’ll be seeing many sights that I’ll want to share with others. Over the next nine weeks I’m interning in the city, in addition to my TV Guide posts, I’ll put up short posts of the sights and sounds the Big Apple has to offer. Enjoy!

Thursday June 30th

While figuring out different ways I could walk to work every morning, I decided to walk down Broadway from 35th – 42nd Friday, June 25. I was not disappointed.

32 mannequins are located on the exact blocks that I walk on my way from Penn Station to TV Guide. For two and a half months, Broadway will play host to a catwalk of fashion mannequins. Some of the biggest names in fashion put their touch on some of the artwork. Designers from Kenneth Cole to Donna Karan to Michael Kors designed all of the models lined up down the eight blocks. They were really something to see.

Some mannequins were dressed in gorgeous gowns and edgy wear, while some models simply made statements. (One was covered from head to toe in shells, while another had words and statements written all over it’s bare white body.)

Check out most of the mannequins from the fashion show after the break. I think I’ll be walking this way for a while.

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